Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vacuum Therapy: A Proven Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

There are a number of natural and prescription treatments for erectile dysfunction.  However, for men who take certain blood pressures medications, prescription medications are not an option because they reduce the effectiveness of their other pills.  If, then, the natural remedies don't work, what options are left?  Many men over 50 have found success in treating erectile dysfunction using vacuum therapy.

How it works
While oral medication offers a 60 to 70% success rate for men suffering with erectile dysfunction, while vacuum therapy boasts a 90% rate.  Vacuum therapy is performed using an erectile dysfunction pump.  Basically, a penis ring is inserted into the bottoms of a cylinder; lubricant is applied to the penis, and the penis is inserted into the pump, with the pump fitting tightly against the base of the penis and the body.  Suction is initiated by a manual or battery operated pump motor.  The negative pressure increases blood flow through the penis and encourages an erection, relieving the erectile dysfunction. Use a Pos-T-Vac tension ring to help maintain an erection during intercourse.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do you have Erectile Dysfunction or Not?

When your partner or you are having problems performing in a sexual encounter it may be that you have erectile dysfunction or it may mean you are under stress or it may mean you have an underlying serious disease such as diabetes that is causing it.

No matter what the cause is behind the impotence the fact is that you are experiencing it may cause further stress and sometimes more serious complications. You may be considering impotence treatments also. If the impotence lasts for a long period of time it may lead to serious depression or in the case of a marriage the stress of it weighing on you may even lead to divorce before you seek Impotence Treatments. Millions of men suffer from impotence and there are treatments readily available for erectile dysfunction, should you choose to seek out impotence treatment.

When you believe you are experiencing impotence you should talk to your partner before you seek out impotence treatments on your own. This is very important to have a discussion about the impotence, what you are feeling and what you believe the potential implications might be and also what impotence treatments you have heard about. This is important as you will be sharing it with someone you trust enough to have a relationship with and it will give you some needed support so you do not feel like you are alone in a sinking boat facing impotence treatments or worse.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction and it's effects

Erectile Dysfunction is called when the penis does not get erect. A penis gets erect when the blood enters the penis and that blood is retained by the internal parts of the penis. When the penis does not respond when sexually stimulated then this is called Erectile Dysfunction. Erectile Dysfunction is defined as difficulty to get an erection.

The medical area that Erectile Dysfunction falls under for physical treatment is the specialty called Urology. When the Erectile Dysfunction is due to psychological reasons then the Erectile Dysfunction is treated by a physiologist.